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We have a  litter  at the moment from Brindy 

Brindys pups were born May 9th 2018

 2 Males 

We are allocating the litter  If you are interested in this litter please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire this will give me the tools to start matching the suitability of a Border collie and  their forever family. 


If you are interested in our Puppies please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire if you havent already, 

where you can let me know your Information and preferences.

We take pride in matching the suitability of a Border Collie and their perfect families, the Questionnaire  

will give me the tools to start matching the suitability of a Border collie and their forever family.

Our Babies are ready to go to their new homes from the 4th July!

we are a Registered Breeder and a Dogs NSW Member 2000869450
  • All pups are wormed, vet checked, vaccinated C3 and Micro chipped .
  • Each Puppy comes with a start up health insurance 6 week policy through Pet Plan.
  • They are registered on the limited register with the Royal Canine Council.
  • You'll receive the registration papers and all microchip information. 
  • Also included in the puppy pack is, their health card & worming time table, meal requirements 
  • Puppy Handy Hints.
  • These puppies can never develop CL, CEA or TNS breeding family are DNA tested to ensure pups can never be affected.
  • Hip and Elbow scoring is also part of our Breeding Management Plan.
  • Also included in the puppy pack is information on the breed of the Border Collie, their health card & meal requirements. 
  • Receive a BLACK HAWK  food Starter  Pack.
  • The pups are 8 weeks old when they are ready to start their new stage in their life of going to their new home.

If you would like information about the pups or future litters please fill out the Questionnaire and let me know your questions or requirements. 
Looking forward to hearing from you

BOOTS date of Birth is the 20th March 2018
His 4 months old and past the sharp teeth stage of the puppy fase. We have this handsome man available from the previous litter. 

BOOTS is a healthy male, confident, social with other dogs with a sound temperment . Please contact me through the Puppy Questionnaire to express your interest. He has had his 3rd round of needles.

FROM TIME TO TIME we may have some older pups/ dogs  that are looking for their Forever Homes. 

For information and pictures    please click here go to the  Rehoming Dogs page on our web site

we will still be screening the suitability of the different dogs to their prospective forever homes to make sure their personality and level of drive is matched.



Red Coated Border Collies Australian ee gene Border Collie

  • The depth of the Red coat develops over the first 18 months as their Adult Coats come in.
  • When you are looking at Red Pup you can get an indication of their Adult coat by looking at the tips if their ears or the darker colour of their coat near their hocks.
  • The Red Coat comes from the ee gene masking the colour of the coat to the red, it can come in many depths and variations from a light caramel, wheaten colour through to a range of depths of the red rust colour.
  • All variants of the Redcoat are registered as Red & White on the pedigree papers.
  • The Interesting thing about the ee gene is that when it is masking the Colour of the Coat is doesn't mask the pigment colour of the dog.
  • If the pup/dog has black pigment on it's nose and lining of the eyes then the pup/dog would have been a Black & White Border Collie. The Colour of the eyes will be a dark brown colour
  • Grey Nose and Eyeliner pigment the pup/dog would have been a Blue & White Border Collie (Grey & White) the colour of the eyes would be a grey colour
  • Chocolate Nose and Eyeliner pigment the pup/dog would have been a Chocolate dog; the colour of the eyes will be a chocolate/amber colour.
  • The bright Blue Eyes that can found in Border Collies have no relation to the masking gene.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Never Breed a Merle Border Collie to a Red Border Collie, because as mentioned previously the red gene maskes the colour of the dog coat, so if the dog was a Merle but it's coat is masked Red then if the 2 produce the off spring can be effected by the double merle gene which causes blindness and deafness.


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