Kerry Hamann reviewed Rivermaid Border Collie Stud – 5 star      29 April 

We bought our girl Tia from Rivermaid over 12 years ago. She is the most incredible natured dog - sweet, loyal and intelligent. And she is incredibly beautiful - a total supermodel of the dog world!
She has helped me raise my three children and has always been incredibly gentle with everyone she meets, including babies. She is very clever and has been a bit of an escape artist, but now sits in our front garden in Sydney, greeting everyone on their daily walks. She is adored by our whole neighbourhood and I am often asked where she came from. Thank you for such a wonderful gift!

"My name is Leah Curnovic & I have 2 beautiful Rivermaid border collies named Shadow & MacGyver, ages 6 & 2. They are such special boys & are very much loved by myself & my husband & everyone that has the pleasure to meet them. They have such great natures & as such have become a part of the Delta Therapy dog programme where we visit patients at the Campbelltown Cancer Therapy Centre at Campbelltown hospital. At the hospital they are almost famous, everyone knows who they are & are excited when they go to visit. They have such calmness & gentleness with patients & children, you would never know that they are also great athletes competing in dog sports such as agility & fly ball which they absolutely love. One of the great things about getting a Rivermaid border collie is the friendships that i have made through getting my boys with other people that own Rivermaid border collies & of course the bond that you form with Mumma Rachael. Rachael is always excited to hear how the boys are going & what they have been up to. I cannot imagine my life without my boys in it, they are exceptional dogs & I cannot recommend them more highly enough. Rachael has done such a good job with my boys & with all of the Rivermaid border collies that I know. With a Rivermaid border collie...the skies the limit because I believe that a Rivermaid can do anything & do it well...."

  •   I just wanted to send you some more photos of Cabbie, who is even more beautiful and sweet as ever. She’s such a well-behaved girl, and is currently in the office beside me, asleep. Matt and I just love her to bits, and she has made our life even more enjoyable than it was before. We can’t imagine life without her. It is a great credit to you and your breeding abilities. She is the most well-natured dog, and everyone comments on how lovely she is.

  • "Nelson is an absolutely beautiful looking dog but more importantly for us is his temperament. He is lively, lovable and is placid with people and other dogs. Now that we have him we could not live without him!" He really does not have a mean bone in his body, we have never seen any type of aggression from him towards people or other dogs.
  • Just a quick note to let you know Spinner has settled in REALLY well. I have never know a pup to be so confident in everything that he does.

  • Thank you again a million times over for your dedication and all the hard work you put into doing such a fantastic job with all your dogs. The difference in having an intelligent, well bred and even tempered puppy, as you would know, is just unbelievable and makes that whole adjusting period so much easier. Her settling into our family has taken no time all and she quickly learns what is ok to do and what things aren't allowed.
  • Quotes Tina N Stuart Walker reviewed Rivermaid Border Collie Stud ? 5 star September 13, 2013 · Dedication above and beyond to the breed of Border Collies and their past and future families. Beautiful dogs and a wonderful family. Rivermaid Border Collies really do get the best start possible. Quotes
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    Quotes Elizabeth Robson Every day brings new joy with our girl- beautiful temperament, confident socially with other dogs and humans alike, well adjusted and fun to be around. Couldn't be happier, thank you. Quotes
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