Nikita was born in November 2012. She is 4th Generation from our Handsome foundation male "Nicki - Mureybet The Nautilus 1567076"     She is such a settled, grounded pup, just going on 6 months. She is so focussed on whatever is asked of her loves to comply when ask to do a command.   Nikita just melts when you pat her and she just loves lying on her back to have a cuddle on you lap. 

BRINDY "My Bop Girl"

Interesting Video from 1943 Border Collie Breeder and Trainer. 

M/S sheepdog and its puppy sitting on the grass. M/S as trainer Nancy Telfer and another young woman carry out two puppies each from her kennels. C/U of Nancy with the lively border collie puppies. M/S as the litter play with their mother. The girls pick up the puppies and carry them off. Various shots as some six month old puppies are introduced to the sheep. Nancy trains them to round up the sheep. M/S of Nancy with two collies. Various shots as they run about, their father rounds up the sheep. Nancy calls out and the dogs obey. M/S of puppies running around Nancy's feet. M/S's as they play with their mother before being fed.
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Her eyes close and she just OOOZZES LOVE. 
Danielle at 2 years of age just loves her. "She Loves to say sit Kita & wheres my dog Kita?"  As you can see they have a mutual bond. We just loves her to bits and are so proud of her. 

2015 the Bond is as strong as ever!