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Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire i will then be in contact with information and any other questions I may need to make sure the most suitable homes are found for our babies. For me is Not the first person to enquire gets a pup. 

You and the pup will need to be suitably matched and In some cases, a Border Collie won't be the best breed for you which may be hard for you to hear. 

Our pups are Not just a commodity, we give our love, heart, and souls to each and every one. The time and effort we put into our pups developing their trust, confidence and development shows in their quality.


Sometimes we may have Adult dogs that are looking for their New home - please state if your interested.


Rivermaid Border Collies Puppy Questionnaire

Have you had a Border Collie Before?
What are you interested in your Border Collie for
Your family make up and Children’s ages (if you have any)
Preference of Sex of puppy
Preferred Coat colour
Do you know the Difference between ANKC LIMIT or MAIN Register
When are you requiring your Border Collie
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