Harns will be coming available for rehoming. He is a 4 year old newly desexed male. The home we are seeking for him is a rual or small property, 

As although he has respect for  Cars and farm vechicles ihe has had No experience with the sounds and pressores of city traffic.

He gets along with well cats with female dogs, or would love a family all to himself. 

 He gets along and loves children.

As a Reputable Breeder we offer the Rivermaid dog owners the help of rehoming their beloved pet if the situation may arise due to their owners having a major life changing issue occur where they can no longer care for their dog,  a discussions and assessment of personality and health is undertaken, if suitable we would then take on the task of finding the returning dog the most suitable home.  


" I pride myself in keeping the focus on temperament, sound body, health and mind"

Over 25 years of Loving & Breeding our Border Collies, we have developed a reputation of producing our even temperament & loving loyal dogs.

Every dog that we bring into this world is special to us and we would just hate to see a Rivermaid fur baby end up at the RSPCA or Pound!

This is why we will help the dog find the most suitable home to continue their life with.* Conditions apply

All Care is Taken, No Responsibility is given!

As you would understand we can not take any responsibility to the long term health or temperament of the dog 

after it has Initially left Rivermaid Border Collies as a puppy. 

If you are interested in expressing your interested for a dog that requires a new start please drop me a message.. All our progeny has come from DNA clear by parentage 

for CL, CEA or TNS (He can Never develop CL, CEA or TNS)

Contact me for price and more information ~ Rachael


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Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to give me a call on 0428947026 Regards Rachael
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Do you Have a Registered Pedigree Border Collie that needs re homing?

If you have a pedigree Border Collie that Isn't a Rivermaid dog but requires a new start, please feel free to drop me a enquiry and I can see if I can be of assistance finding a new forever home depending on the situation. A discussions and assessment of personality and health will be undertaken, if suitable we would then take on the task of finding the dog the most suitable home.  

This is done just because I love the breed and love to see the BEST OUTCOME for a Border Collie.

I am Not a Registered Rescue.