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Hi, and thanks for your interest in Rivermaid Border Collies. Situated 2 ½ hrs north of Sydney in the Monkerai Valley in the Foothills of the Barrington Tops.

Today, I am proud to say that Rivermaid Border Collies is the result of 30 + years and over five generations of building bloodlines, type and temperament, my unwavering passion for these incredible dogs. We have developed a reputation for producing our even temperament and loving loyal dogs."     ....I pride myself in keeping the focus on temperament, sound body, health, and mind...." DNA testing and Hip and Elbow scoring are part of our breeding management plan. We are ANKC Pedigree Registered Border Collies

If you are interested in a puppy please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire on our website, this gives me the tools to start discussing and matching the suitability of a Border Collie and their forever family.
We screen our interested parties to make sure that their lifestyles, hobbies, houseyards and fences are suitable for a Border Collie.

Border Collies are just the most Amazing Breed, BUT because they are so intelligent and can have a high level of drive and IQ they can become very Naughty if they are not receiving enough mental and physical stimulation, as well as Confident Leadership from their owners.

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