Rivermaid Border Collies - where it all began!

Over the past 25 years I have had the pleasure of Sharing my life with our Border Collies. I was a child that had "the knack" with animals and was always caring, training and nurturing animals.  

My first ever Border Collie I had was back in the early 80's she was called Scampi. 

When we rescued her she had been mistreated badly (because she didn't want to work stock) she had a broken ribsand was hand shy when i got her. 

(She reacted if I raised my hand for any movement, wether shooing a fly or  even waving)

So began the task of training her and getting her to trust me. Acomplished all with love, trust and respect.

Scampie training was all based on positive reinforcements with lots of love and compassion. I would of been around 12 yrs old when I got her and I was an adult when she passed away. 
I continued my love for the border Collies and Purchased my first Purebred ANKC Regitered Border Collies 

Tia and Nicki

Then came Tia and Nicki my Foundation Border Collies of Rivermaid Border Collies an ANKC registered pedigree Border Collies was founded back in 1994.

I was lucky to purchase Tia and then a few years later Nicki. Both were the most wonderful loyal tempermented dogs. This was long before the breakthrough of genetic testing. When the DNA testing started 20 or so years ago we had all of our dogs tested with fantastic results. So began the journey of a ANKC Pedigree dog ownership and Rivermaid Border Collies was founded.

We are So Happy to be able to say that 25 yeas later we still have these amazing Border collie bloodlines in our family. Each generation on takes forward the legacy of Tia and Nicki.

This photo was taken a few years ago and quite a few of our beloved have 

passed over rainbow bridge.  We are so blessed to have kept our bloodlines and are now up to 5th and 6th generations from over the past 25+ years.

Temperament & Personality

  • When you meet our dogs you can see their level of tolerance and love is amazing,  They interact very well in the family environment, In fact they thrive on it.
  • It is very important that if you are looking to bring a working dog breed as the Border Collie into your family home that they ARE  treated as one of the family members And ARE  included in all the day to day activities and outings.  

We get countless reports back from owners on how even temperament the pups are and what very confident demeanor.

Rest Assure

  • I am interested in my dogs as they grow up, so I offer any help or advice that I can help you with, with your new family member.
  • If by some chance your lifestyle or circumstances change, or your pup is not fitting in with your family, then I request you to contact me to organise returning your Pup/ Dog back to me. There is no way that I could stand one of my progeny going to  pound.  
  •    I get many enquiries and have the right contacts to find a new suitable forever home.