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Tia and Nicki my Foundation Border Collies of Rivermaid Border Collies

Rivermaid Border Collies ANKC registered pedigree Border Collies was founded back in 1994. 

Today, I am proud to say that Rivermaid Border Collies is the result of 30 + years and over five generations of building bloodlines, type and temperament, and my unwavering passion for these incredible dogs.

I purchased Tia and then a few years later Nicki.

TIA - Congarinni Castanet and NICKI -Mureybet The Nautilus.

Both were the most wonderful loyal well temperament dogs. So began the journey of Rivermaid Border Collies ANKC-registered Pedigree Prefix

This was long before the breakthrough of genetic testing. When the DNA testing started 20+ or so years ago we had all of our dogs tested with fantastic results.

DNA testing and Hip and Elbow scoring are a part of our breeding management plan.

We are So Happy to be able to say that 30 + years later we still have these amazing Border Collies bloodlines in our family. Each generation on takes forward the legacy of Tia and Nicki.

The beginning of the passion! Over my life, I have had the privilege of sharing my life with the most amazing Border Collies. My natural ability to connect with animals, coupled with my passion for training and nurturing, led me on this wonderful journey.

My first Border Collie, Scampi, came into my life in the early 80s when she had run away or was dumped from an abusive farm situation. Despite her broken ribs and hand-shy demeanor, I knew I could help her heal physically and mentally and become the loving and loyal companion she deserved to be.

With unwavering love, confident leadership, and positive reinforcement-based training, I was able to earn Scampi's trust and help her overcome her fears.

I was only 12 years old when I got her, but was an adult when she passed away, having learned invaluable lessons from her. 


Rivermaid Border Collies - where it began! 
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